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SD-WAN Definition

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is an agile, software-driven approach to wide area networks (WANs). It replaces traditional WAN networking hardware such as command-line interface (CLI) configured routers with centralized management, applying software-defined networking (SDN) technology to wide area network (WAN) connections to most effectively deliver applications to users across long distances.

The goal of SD-WAN is to reduce the costs of private WAN links, increase performance, and make networking more agile for the cloud.

SD-WAN capabilities:

Path Control or Path Selection

  • Path control or selection directs traffic based on application priority to the appropriate network links
  • It enables business-critical traffic to be directed on high-performance links while less critical traffic is directed to the remaining (cheaper) resources
  • If a high-performance link fails, performance SLAs are unaffected because traffic is automatically redirected to remaining healthy links

Zero-touch provisioning

  • This is a basic requirement for any realistic SD-WAN solution
  • Setting up a new branch should be able to be performed remotely. Once the setup is complete, appliances can be shipped to the branch location and anyone can simply plug them in.
  • Once plugged in, the appliances discover themselves automatically, download configurations and begin functioning

Intuitive administration workflows

  • This is dependent on business priorities, such as performance, data security, users, and branch locations
  • Global or local policies should be easily set up on a management console with simple rules such as: send video traffic over the highest-capacity circuits; send software updates over Internet broadband circuits; or send all business traffic over secure VPNs.
  • This allows for routing replacement and/or integration with network services for consistent performance

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  1. admin
    IT Savanna has successfully installed and configured the Enixea Solution on our network for more than thirty of our branches. We are more than satisfied with their support and services that have improved our Network’s efficiency and data security through the Enixea Wan Optimization Solution
    • admin
      After working with multiple Wan optimization technologies, Enixea has been a great and affordable technology for our clients. The biggest success has been with Nyaradzo Life where we optimized a total of 35 sites and we are now looking at rolling it out further in SADC.
      • admin
        Enixea has helped us to improve replication throughput more than twofold. Although we also trialed the leading wan optimization products, we selected Wanos since it provided one of the best ROI’s
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