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TCP Acceleration

TCP ACCELERATION The TCP Acceleration Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) is an optional feature that can be enabled on the Wan Accelerator to significantly enhance performance when sending TCP traffic over suboptimal network conditions or to improve TCP performance of slow TCP stack implementations. Note: The PEP TCP Accelerator is available in v.4. Limitations of Standard TCP Most applications…
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Packet Loss Recovery

Modern TCP stacks have become more efficient at dealing with latency by adding TCP Window Scaling and Selective Acknowledgements. However, TCP is still vulnerable to packet loss and this has a drastic impact on network performance. Some degree of packet loss is almost always present in every wide area network. At times it is due to…
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Router Mode – Out of Path

Router Mode – Out of Path Enixea runs in bridge mode by default. In some cases, it might not be possible to place a simple bridge appliance in-line or in-path. In this scenario out of path can be used by configuring the wan optimizer in router mode or server mode. This mode needs to be manually configured.…
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High Availability

High Availability Wan Optimization high availability or redundancy can be achieved by a number of methods. Please contact support to for a design recommendation. 1) Although Bridge Mode with a Bypass Network Interface card is the recommended setup for most deployments, high availability can also be achieved in Tunnel Mode by monitoring the gateway IP address. If the…
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