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DT baseball organization

The DT baseball organization is the oldest continuous one-name, a one-city franchise in the League. The DT play 81 regular season home games each year, spanning from late March to late September in Park, a 41,574 seat ballpark built in 2000. Park shares a Metro Ethernet network with other businesses in the family of companies that includes the DR Wings and LC Pizza. The DT corporate office uses a 100 Mbps connection and separate connections totaling 100 Mbps are dedicated for use by members of the media who are working in the ballpark covering games.

The DT needed a way to keep the non-essential traffic from journalists, photographers and broadcast media during the games from overwhelming the network and crippling connectivity for other users.

Read how Enixea helped the DT:

  • Identify all network traffic
  • Control streaming media
  • Ensure a flawless performance of critical apps

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