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Advantages of SD-WAN

How can your organization take advantage of SD-WAN? How SD-WAN adoption can transform your WAN, and why you should consider making the switch.

For organizations considering SD-WAN adoption, software-defined WAN can offer internet connectivity advantages, like reduced cost and increased bandwidth, by alleviating concerns about internet reliability and security. Organizations with distributed workforces in remote and branch offices should consider SD-WAN adoption to implement hybrid WAN -- by combining MPLS and internet -- or internet-only connectivity.

SD-WAN uses software- and cloud-based technologies to simplify the delivery of WAN services to the branch office. SD-WAN uses a virtual overlay to abstract the underlying network connections. This overlay helps simplify network operations. SD-WAN adoption lets IT and business managers deploy internet-based connectivity easily, quickly, reliably and securely. Resulting advantages include ubiquity, increased bandwidth, reduced costs and improved application performance.

Internet circuits -- like Ethernet, DSL or cable -- are typically one-third to half the cost of MPLS links at comparable speeds. Internet services also have the advantages of wide availability and rapid provisioning times, compared with MPLS. To benefit from these internet-provided advantages, many organizations implement hybrid WAN architecture by dedicating MPLS links for mission-critical traffic and assigning internet connections for high-speed access to cloud- or SaaS-based applications, email, file transfers, storage and video applications.

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