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Bridge Appliance

Bridge Appliance optimize your WAN links, giving your users maximum responsiveness and throughput at any distance. A Bridge Appliance is easy to deploy because it works transparently. A twenty-minute installation accelerates your WAN traffic with no other configuration required. You do not have to change your applications, servers, clients, or network infrastructure. You can, however, change them after Bridge Appliance installation without affecting traffic acceleration. A Bridge Appliance needs reconfiguration only when your WAN links change.

Bridge Appliance support a full range of optimizations, including:

  • Multi-session compression with compression ratios of up to 10,000:1.
  • Protocol acceleration for Windows network file systems (CIFS), XenApp (ICA and CGP, including the new multi-session ICA standard), Microsoft Outlook (MAPI), and SSL.
  • Traffic shaping to ensure that high-priority and interactive traffic takes precedence over low-priority or bulk traffic.
  • Advanced TCP protocol acceleration, which reduces delays on congested or high-latency links.
  • Video Caching.

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