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Who we are?

Sure, Enixe-a is a leading global provider of system firmware and software engineering services for companies in the mobile, desktop, server, and embedded systems industries. Yes, we are proud to have the world’s top computing companies as our customers. Naturally, we claim industry leaders including AMD, Intel, Microsoft, nVidia, and many others are close working partners. With hard work, we’ve become a recognized leader in our markets.

But who are we really? We’re a group of engineers and business men and women who think and act as an extension of our customer’s product development teams. A team of people that aren’t afraid to get creative when it comes to finding a flexible business model or roll up our sleeves when it comes to debugging that important new product being readied for the production line.

We built our reputation on providing superior firmware technology, innovative software solutions and second-to-none engineering and project management support services. If you haven’t already had an opportunity to work with Insyde Software, we encourage you to ask someone who has.

Our mission is rather simple; Enixe-a is committed to helping its customers bring their products to market faster while reducing overall system development costs.

This is who we are.

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  1. admin
    I would like to congratulate your team for the work you did on Enixea. I like its interface and all the information you have on your site that helps with the first contact with your product.
    • admin
      The pilot at the client delivered 1.5X on the second day. Will keep checking the stats and feedback, but pretty neat for a free product. Let me know when the new version ships. Great stuff.

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